“Holden Beach” the most beautiful Place in North Carolina

Located in southern North Carolina, Holden Beach is a wonderful vacation destination for families and also for couples. Despite Holden Beach’s charm and beauty, most people don’t know about it or haven’t even heard of it. However, once discovered, you will want to come back each and every year to experience its mild weather and scenic views.

Holden BeachSource: Flicker

Holden Beach is located about 35 minutes south of Wilmington, NC. It is part of the North Carolina Brunswick Islands. You have a special opportunity to view the sunrise and the sunset while visiting Holden Beach. If you are looking for sky rises or neon signs, you will not find them at Holden Beach.

Although Holden Beach is a beach community, there are plenty of activities that are not beach related. There are plenty of hotels and lodging options that are available on the ocean, which will provide you the best views and closeness to local activities. There are restaurants nearby that offer some of the freshest local seafood available. If you enjoy shopping, Holden Beach has a variety of options. To top off a great vacation, there are amusement parks for the kids to enjoy.

Have you ever been clamming? Holden Beach offers you a great clamming beach. Although the idea of clamming may sound boring, kids of all ages will enjoy the activity and will ask to do it over and over again. All you need to use when clamming is a fresh bucket of water and a little knowledge of what you need to be looking for. When you walk down the beach, if you find a little opening in the sand, chances are a clam is hiding in this opening. The locals in Holden Beach are extremely nice and helpful and are ready to help you with all of your clamming questions. After you find a clam, make sure to put it in the fresh water in your bucket. Let them soak until their shell cracks open, and then you are ready to have your fresh clambake!

Visitors at Holden Beach love to spend time on their kayaks. Kayaking does not take experience, and can be learned easily. If you are interested in renting kayaks, there are several rental locations. Make sure if you are traveling during the peak season that you book your kayak rental early so you are sure to reserve a boat.

Holden Beach is located 30 minutes away from South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach. If you are a golf enthusiast, you can hop in your car and be in the company of over 100 golf courses in less than an hour.

Holden Beach offers you a quiet escape from your hectic world. You will leave your vacation felling relaxed and ready to face the world when you return home. Most of the activities in the area involve some kind of outdoor activity, and if you are in the mood for neon and flash, you can be in Myrtle Beach in less than an hour.

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