Osoyoos – Unique Yet Adventurous Canada’s Spotted Lake

Osoyoos is a very beautiful town located in Canada’s westernmost province called British Columbia. This province is famous because of the natural beauty it has to offer. Osoyoos town is one of the examples we can see that has one of the Canada’s spotted lakes. Okanagan Valley is the place to visit if you want to se Osoyoos and the pretty lake over there. This place is located pretty close to the border of Washington State. This town is also neighboring with the Indian reserve known as Osoyoos Indian Band. It is very interesting to know where this name basically generated; in the language of Okanagan, Suius is the word that basically stands for narrowing waters and this is how Osoyoos was born. The letter ‘O’ was added later on in order to make the name sound similar to Okanagan region where other places like Oroville, Omak, and Oliver exists too.

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This beautiful lake has a settlement of around 5 thousand people in the surroundings and in the month of summers this place is just swelling with visitors and tourists. Usually people living some where else in British Columbia would come up here to enjoy, people from the neighboring Alberta would also join in frequently and others are also usually from some where in Canada. There were not many international tourists coming to visit this beautiful Osoyoos Lake until the international airport of Kelowna came into existence. This airport is to the north of Okanagan town and about one and a half hours far if you drive normally. There are also a growing number of people who are retiring in this town due to the economic problem that rose in 2008-09 and the suburban and condominium development went down.

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Although the climate of this place can be said as semi-arid but due to irrigation; the town of Osoyoos is really good in agricultural production. Surrounding the lake of Osoyoos, you can see many fruits that are grown over here and sent throughout Canada that includes grapes, pears, peaches, and cherries. Apart from tourism that the Osoyoos Lake provides to this town; agriculture is the second big income this place has for generating money. The areas that are surrounding this amazing town also include several commercial orchards; however, many of them are now being transformed into vineyards with time. Now this area also counts as one of the biggest vine production houses that Canada has currently.

The Osoyoos Lake attracts thousands and millions of tourists internationally and locally due to two big reasons. First, this place is famous for its beauty of course and second, during the months of summer; this valley is counted as one of the hottest places in the entire Canada. Osoyoos will hit the highest temperatures in the day time every now and then during summers. So, if you really want to enjoy your summer break with some outstanding and famous vine; Osoyoos Lake is the right spot for you guys, go to Canada

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