These Are The 10 Most Dangerous PLaces In The World, Do Not Go There Unless You Want To Die

10. The Poison Garden in England

The Poison Garden in EnglandSource: France24

The gardeners of Alnwick Castle had a wonderful idea: a garden made of only ultra-toxic Avada Kedavra plants. Visits are ultra-framed, because it’s better not to put your hands anywhere. There are also much more sympathetic plants like cannabis and opium poppy. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to take home.


9. The Kjeragbolten in Norway

The Kjeragbolten in NorwaySource: Amazing Places on Our Planet

On the Kjerag, a Norwegian mountain, lies the kjeragbolten. Or, a rock wedged between two cliffs. And people adoooooorent to put on it, because they are not afraid to be suspended over the void. It will be less clever when it falls.

8. Yakutsk in Siberia

Yakutsk in SiberiaSource: Smithsonianmag

It is the coldest city in the world, with temperatures often falling below -40. There is 12 degrees in the summer. Just say it right away, if you forget your mittens you finish in Corneto.

7. The Grand Canyon

The Grand CanyonSource: Vacancesfabuleuses

It’s beautiful, it’s known, but it’s a very arid climate. And who says big heat, says big critters. But above all, it’s high. Very high. A crooked step and, pif, paf, you die crushed down a gully.

6. Lake Kivu between Rwanda and Congo

Lake Kivu between Rwanda and CongoSource: Infocongo

Lake Kivu is filled with CO2 and methane that can potentially rise to the surface and kill many people AH AH AH! We will go fishing for trout in Normandy.

5. The Caminito del Rey

The Caminito del Rey

Source: Voyagerloin

It is a small path built on the side of a cliff, on which some like to venture to seek thrills. Except that security level, it’s not the best of the best. And even looking for thrills, it is less dangerous to take hot sauce. (Good to the last news, the site has been renovated, but still it still fucks the balls.)

4. The Victoria Falls Devil’s Pool in Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls Devil's Pool in ZimbabweSource: Junkee

These waterfalls are all over 100 meters high, but it is possible, apparently to bathe all at the edge of the waterfall. We do not know why, but normally we are not carried away by the current. The problem is that if you slip, hop, you die!

3. Dallol in Ethiopia

Dallol in EthiopiaSource: Sometimes-Interesting

In the Danakil Valley, an Ethiopian desert, lies the Dallol, a volcanic site. So, yes it is very pretty but it is also very very hot. There are also lakes of acid, toxic vapors. It is a lovely holiday for a holiday. We tried to put a city there, but the site ended up being abandoned.

2. The door of Hell in Turkmenistan

The door of Hell in TurkmenistanSource: Slate

In 1971, Soviets made a small ball in Turkmenistan. And by dumpling, we still talk about the opening of a craze ignited mouth mode of hell in Buffy. We can also go see him. It’s like a big lake of fire, except that if you fall in it you end up roasted in the fashion Joan of Arc.

1. Mount Hua in China

Mount Hua in China

Source: Ch3rry_Sher3en

Mount Hua is a sacred Chinese mountain. But it’s not a mountain like the Alps, it’s a fucking rock straight. You can do some climbing, but you have to have a lot of courage, because if you bitch to Hua, you die. It’s that simple.

11. [Bonus] Mexican Dolls Island

Mexican Dolls IslandSource: Baitelamal

The Mexican Puppet Island in Mexico is one of the most terrifying islands in the world, and the reason for its designation is that all of them have “puppets” attached and suspended on their branches.

The story of the incident dates back to 1950, when a young girl who was with her parents sank on a boat carrying a doll in her hand. After this incident, let’s go to the island and live there. He was quarreling with his family. One day, In her hand a doll, and until the end of the day.


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