Travelling To Ayres Rock Some Important Tips

The World Heritage site of Uluru, which is also known as the Ayer’s Rock, has been an inspiration and fascination for people around the world. The sunrise glorifies its appearance at dawn and the sunset just sets it in a red fiery glow that fantasize a lot of people. You would see remnants of erosing around the place that started about 500 million years ago. There are visible tips of gigantic slabs that could extend as far as six kilometers in the ground!

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The area has a lot of Archaeological sites around it, and they suggest that people have been living in this beautiful area for about 22,000 years. The Anangu’s were the traditional custodians of the place, but the famous monolith is known as Ayer’s Rock, named after the premier Sir Henry Ayer, and it was named by the famous European explorer William Gosse. He first sighted the rock in 1873. Urugu has been returned to the ownership of the Anangu people again in 1985, and they now jointly manage the famous national park of the place with the venture of Parks Australia.

The history of the place is sacred. Every responsible traveller must know about the local history, people and customs of the Ayers Rock in order to make sure they dont meet with unpleasentries during their stay there.

Everyone can help support their culture and heritage by visiting the local Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Center and buying a local art there. This would benefit them by helping them out to maintain their cultural values. You could also join a tour with a local Aboriginal guide to provide them with a chance to earn.

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If you want to travel there, I have a tip for you. The local Anangu people prefer if you don’t climb the Uluru because the site is sacred to them. Many visitors pay heed to this, and respect the site by choosing to do the 9.4 Kilometers Uluru base walk instead. I would recommend the full walk to everyone, because of the wonders the place holds for you. Ayer Rock wall is divided into sections, but the visitors can choose to walk the entire circumference of the rock. The walk takes about three or four hours to complete.

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The unsealed Mereenie Loop is considered one of the greatest desert drives in Australia. The stretch of dirt track is an exciting and interesting alternative to the Explorer’s Way. You can have a lot of happiness from visiting the place, and if you choose to go there as part of your next vacation, you wouldnt regret it.

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